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Technological innovation to inspire more sustainable industrial activity


All4Zero is a privately-run, multi-sector, non-profit technological innovation hub in the industrial sphere, unique in Spain, and driven by Arcelormittal, Holcim, Iberia y Repsol, leading corporations in various sectors, which have united in this pioneering initiative and motivated by a common cause: increasing the development of disruptive technologies and projects that contribute to decarbonization and the circular economy.

Our purpose is to drive the innovative and sustainable industrial activity of the future according to the climate objectives in the Paris Agreement and the European Union’s Green Deal. Technological innovation in the industrial sphere moves us, and we are convinced that industry will bring about breakthroughs in society, work, and quality of life, all linked to economic progress.

This innovation hub, unique in Spain, is based on collaboration and leveraging the talent and knowledge of the founding members. It incorporates the entire value chain and will be centered on three differential elements: finding new technologies early on, cooperation and creating networks to propel technological innovation, and attracting talent and capital to develop disruptive technologies.

We tackle the net zero emissions in 2050 challenge, working in collaboration to promote sustainability and bring well-being and progress to society through innovation. Science and technology, within the open innovation paradigm, are fundamental to achieving this.

We are committed to finding and contributing to the development of technologies that tackle complex and critical challenges associated with decarbonizing economic processes. To do so, we foster alliances, knowledge transfer, and connectivity of talent and resources necessary to carry out this task.

We believe that industry must constantly innovate to have a positive impact on the economy and environment. The alliance between the four companies in the group reinforces our capacity and individual talent to speed up the development and scale of these technologies, closing the gap between conceptualization and implementation in economic activity processes.

This union will drive the innovation ecosystem in Spain through active collaboration, events and networking, providing support to corporations, entrepreneurs, startups, small and mid-size companies, research centers, and universities to help them move up the different steps in industrial technology scaling. To make this possible, the founding members provide our industrial and laboratory resources and R + D centers to speed up technological developments, their validation and scale, enabling agile and efficient implementation of these disruptive technologies in the market.

We have achieved a unique alliance in Spain to support our clear focus on innovation and the future. As such, the values that guide us in this initiative are clear: collaboration, commitment, sustainability and innovative and technological potential.

Our goal is to share our knowledge in the industrial sector and develop and strengthen the innovation ecosystem, giving support to great ideas and talent in need of resources and access to an industrial environment to demonstrate and validate their technological proposals. It is a country-wide, open and collaborative initiative based on our confidence in Spanish talent and its industrial capacities.

We sign this manifesto, united toward technological innovation and with the desire to enable a sustainable future, better quality of life and a stronger and more porous economy, with firm support in industry in Spain, but with global ambition, so that the whole of society advances hand in hand with the innovative leap we propose with this unprecedented project.